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2005 Ménage à 32!

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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Posted on Oct. 29, 2002
SPUDS: October 29
Because there are always Stupid People doing Unbelievably Dumb Sh*t, MitM brings you another round of SPUDS. This week, our contestants attempt to identify the fake stories that either A. sound too good to be true, or B. sound too ridiculous to be true. audio Listen

Posted on Oct. 22, 2002
SPUDS: October 22
Interactive SPUDS rolls on this week with such wacky stories as... A cow moves out of its thrid-story apartment, a comedian is attacked for going "Hungary," and a man injuries the family jewels lifting weights... But which story is not real??? audio Listen

Posted on Oct. 15, 2002
SPUDS: October 15
At first, interactive SPUDS looked like it was going to be the easiest game ever. But after a rough start, the MitM crew has been shutting out the opposition. Will this week's callers be able to break thru and identify the made-up SPUDS story? And if not, will the MitM crew feel sorry for them? audio Listen

Posted on Oct. 08, 2002
SPUDS: October 8
The SPUDS just keep coming! This week, to punish those contestants that are unable to correctly identify the fictitious SPUDS story, we'll give them a lovely signed photo of the Murray in the Morning crew as a consolation prize. audio Listen

Posted on Oct. 01, 2002
SPUDS: October 1
After last week's successful debut of interactive SPUDS, the MitM crew gives two new contestants a shot to win glamorous prizes by correctly identifying the false SPUDS story. Will anyone ever lose at this game? audio Listen

Posted on Sep. 24, 2002
SPUDS: September 24
A new spin on SPUDS! This week, instead of just running through the stories about stupid people and unbelievably dumb sh*t, MitM threw in some decoy SPUDS, and invited contestants to win glamorous prizes by correctly identifying the false stories in the bunch. audio Listen

Posted on Sep. 17, 2002
SPUDS: September 17
Attention: No animals were harmed in the production of this week's SPUDS segment. Just keep that in mind as you hear the story about an old man's intimate encounter with several cows, the speed-racing hamster and Rocky the giant American Lobster. audio Listen

Posted on Sep. 10, 2002
SPUDS: September 10
Only SPUDS brings you true stories about Calgary's "crack" police department, tic-tac-toe-playing chickens, a high-speed car chase involving an eight-year old foster child, and a drunk guy who surprisingly finds trouble when he takes a nap under a truck. audio Listen

Posted on Sep. 03, 2002
SPUDS: September 3
This week, SPUDS takes an in-depth look at the rough life of one deified monkey in India, why you probably won't see a "McAfrica" in your neighborhood McDonald's anytime soon, and why "Jedi" is the newest official religion in Australia. audio Listen

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SPUDS stands for Stupid People, Unbelievably Dumb Sh*t.

Does it really need any further explanation???

Listen to a couple episodes and decided for yourself.

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