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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Posted on Aug. 11, 2005
Grin and Baer It
Max Baer Jr
Max Baer Jr.
It looks like Jethro from "The Beverly Hillbillies" took his oil money and bought a casino! Max Baer Jr. is now the proud owner of Jethro's Casino in Nevada, scheduled to open next year. Max also talks about how poorly Ron Howard portrayed his father, former heavyweight champ Max Baer Sr., in the movie "Cinderella Man."
audio Max talks with MitM
web Jethro's Casino

Posted on Aug. 11, 2005
Music Minute: August 11
Chicago band Yakuza is about to sign a major record deal and have recorded their new CD, "Samsara." They are working with famed producer Matt Bayles, who has worked with bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Mastodon. Check out Yakuza's website at ... After almost a year off, Courtney Love was ordered to face charges she violated her probation for being under the influence of a controlled substance (she also has become a major fat ass). ... Christina Aguilera has predicted that Britney Spears will not be able to mount a comeback after having her child because she has "let herself go" ... (she also has become a major fat ass). ... Jessica Simpson is launching a denim line for plus-sized women (see a trend: clothes for fat asses). audio Listen

Posted on Aug. 10, 2005
Hair's Damon!
Johnny Damon
Johnny Damon
Boston Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon has teamed up with JC Penny and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America to promote after-school programs. We also talk to Johnny about Manny and the trade rumors, whether Schilling should be a closer for the long run, and whether there is more pressure to win last year or this year.
audio Damon visits MitM
web Boy & Girls Clubs of America

Posted on Aug. 10, 2005
20,000 Women, 100 Points, 1 Non-believer
Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain
Did Wilt Chamberlain really score 100 points in a game? T.J. says no; Gary Pomerantz says yes. He should know. He wrote the book, "Wilt 1962." Gary revisits March 2, 1962, when Wilt scored 100 points and the NBA was transformed forever. He also talks about Wilt's mythical 20,000 women (T.J. does not believe that either).
audio Gary talks with MitM
web Buy the book!

Posted on Aug. 09, 2005
Music Minute: August 9
Two jurors from the Michael Jackson trial are writing books about how they believed M.J. was guilty, and how they were coerced in to submitting an innocent verdict (I'm sure the money they make off the books will subdue their outrage). ... Tommy Lee is coming out with another solo album titled "Tommyland" (The capitol of Tommyland is his huge member). ... It has been long rumored that an Alice in Chains tribute album is in the works. That rumor is not true (Alice is not happy). ... There was a shooting at a baby shower held for Britney Spears; a reporter was shot with a BB gun (that was the first shower Britney or Kevin Federline have seen in weeks). audio Listen

Posted on Aug. 09, 2005
We've Got Legs
Legs McNeil
Legs McNeil
If you take sex, drugs, money, violence, fame and the mafia, you get everything that has made America great. Author Legs McNeil intertwines all these subjects in his new book, "The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry." Legs also discusses Linda Lovelace and her movie Deep Throat.
audio Legs talks porn, scandal
web Buy the book!

Posted on Aug. 05, 2005
Nuclear Fuson
Stacy Fuson
Stacy Fuson
St. Pauli Girl does a fantastic job of picking hot women to represent their beer. Stacy Fuson, the St. Pauli Girl for 2005, is a former Playboy Playmate, was seen in American Pie, Shallow Hal, and HBO's hot new show Entourage. Stacy claims she can put down six St. Pauli Girl Special Dark beers. We might have to take her up on that.
audio Sexy Stacy joins the MitM crew
web Check out the Beer web Check out the Girl

Posted on Aug. 05, 2005
A Lovely Lady
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson
Did you know Cottonelle's logo is a dog? And did you know Florence Henderson loves dogs? (Remember Tiger?) Florence wants to give you $200,000 for a home makeover by writing & preforming a song about your family dog. Florence explaines her infamous date with Barry Williams and whether a Brady Bunch reunion is in the cards.
audio Florence chats with the crew
web Cottonelle on the world wide web!

Posted on Aug. 04, 2005
Music Minute: August 4
Production Dave went to Ozzfest and caught up with Ozzy and Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde. Believe it or not, Dave ends up talking sports with Zakk along with a breakdown of all the great bands on the lineup. ... 50 Cent will make his big screen debut in the movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," following the release of his video game Bulletproof (with 9 bullets in his body, he's hardly bulletproof - just not dead yet). ... In Michael Jackson news: It looks like MJ has agreed to an exclusive interview with the US edition of OK! magazine for a reported $2 million. He is also close to a settlement with ex-wife Debbie Rowe over visitation rights of their two children, 8-year-old Prince Michael and 7-year-old Paris (Michael trying to get together with little children, go figure). ... Paul McCartney calls tabloid newspapers that criticize his wife Heather Mills (In an attempt to get Paul on the air, T.J. calls Heather a legless bitch!). audio Listen

Posted on Aug. 04, 2005
Ugly Chicks Unite
Nicole Beland
Nicole Beland
Nicole Beland, our very own "Girl Next Door" from Men's Health Magazine, was up all night writing her latest column. It turns out top executives are not hiring hot girls to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits. The gang also talks to Nicole about flirting, dating and marring a co-worker.
audio Listen to the very sexy Nicole
web Men's Health magazine

Posted on Aug. 04, 2005
Dancing with M&M's
John O'Hurley
John O'Hurley
You thought M&M's couldn't get any better? Well, you thought wrong!!! It turns out Mega M&M's are 50 percent bigger, come in new colors, and are John O'Hurley's favorite candy. We also talk to John about his role on Seinfeld, his Progressive commercials, and how he was robbed of a "Dancing with the Stars" victory even before the episode aired.
audio John joins the MitM crew
web Find M&M's online

Posted on Aug. 03, 2005
Cubs Fan 24-7
Carlos Bernard
Carlos Bernard
As you may have heard, there are Chicago Cubs fans everywhere, including actor Carlos Bernard! Lucky for Carlos, who plays Tony Almeida on the hit FOX series 24, he will probably win an Emmy before the Cubs win a World Series. In addition to the Cubs wild card chances, Carlos talks to MitM about his latest TV project called, 10.5 Apocalypse.
audio Carlos talks with MitM
web Fox's hit show 24

Posted on Aug. 02, 2005
Music Minute: August 2
On the birthday edition of Music News, Production Dave not only turned 33, but he also got a tattoo! The tattoo has nothing to do with Dave's birthday, but he did get it as a result of Lollapalloza, which was held in Chicago last week. Some of the bands that Dave highlighted were The Redwalls, Primus, Widespread Panic, and Perry Farrell's new band, Panic Channel. Speaking of Farrell, Dave ran in to him at Lollapalooza and had him draw something on his body. The next day Dave went to the parlor and had it permanently tattooed on his body. Pictures coming soon! audio Listen

Posted on Sep. 26, 2002
"Ed" is only one Letter from "ER"
Michael Ian Black
Michael Ian Black
Multi-talented actor Michael Ian Black, otherwise known as Phil Stubbs, the quirky bowling alley manager of Stuckeybowl, on NBC's Ed, joins MitM to discuss what might happen in the new season of the show. For example, will Michael's character ever get a girlfriend?
audio Michael chats with the crew
web NBC's Ed

Posted on Sep. 26, 2002
Go for Two? Gutsy Call Costs Murray State
Murray State Racers
Murray State Racers
Murray State, the official adopted team of MitM, took one on the chin Saturday, losing to Illinois State by one point, 24-23. When the Racers had a chance to kick an extra point to tie the game late, they elected to go for two. Unfortunately, they didn't make it. Coach Joe Pannunzio joins the MitM crew to explain himself.
audio What was Pannunzio thinking?
web Murray State Athletics

Posted on Sep. 25, 2002
From The Ring to The Mat
Randy Couture
Randy Couture
After a tough day of ultimate fighting, what does two-time light heavyweight champion Randy Couture like to do? That's what MitM attempts to figure out in the latest edition of Guess My Gig. Meanwhile, Randy gives the crew a better idea of what the UFC is all about. Unlike the early days of the sport, there are many rules to help protect its fighters.
audio The crew tries to guess Randy's other gig
web Ultimate Fighting Championships

Posted on Sep. 25, 2002
'Real News. Real People. Real Naked.'
kitt pomidoro
Kitt Pomidoro
That's the slogan of Playboy's brand new Weekend Flash, a program which features lovely broadcasters reading the news in the nude. The MitM crew thinks this is the greatest thing to happen to broadcasting news since Edward R. Murrow crossed the scene. Weekend Flash anchor Kitt Pomidoro joins the crew to explain how she gives listeners all the top stories.
audio Kitt Pomidoro chats with the crew
web Playboy's Weekend Flash
Photo Gallery Soak up the Weekend Flash crew!

Posted on Sep. 24, 2002
Volleyball is Better on the Beach
Karch Kiraly
Karch Kiraly
Professional beach volleyball player Karch Kiraly, the reigning elder statesman of the pro beach volleyball tour, joins Murray in the Morning to discuss his sweet job; which includes playing volleyball on a beach, amid thousands of scantily-clad, good-looking women. Boy, that sounds like a really tough gig there, Karch.
audio Karch chats with the MitM crew

Posted on Sep. 19, 2002
Murray State wins home opener against SIU
Murray State Racers
Murray State Racers
It was only a matter of time before Murray State starting putting a hurt on the opposition. Last Saturday, the Racers evened their record at 1-1 with an impressive 42-24 victory over Southern Illinois. Racers coach Joe Pannunzio joins the crew to talk about the big win. Also, Bruce gives coach his official Sopranos Mob nickname.
audio Coach Pannunzio chats with MitM
web Murray State Athletics

Posted on Sep. 19, 2002
We'd like to Catch a Wave with Megan
Megan Abubo
Surfer Megan Abubo
Professional surfer Megan Abubo joins Murray in the Morning to play Guess My Gig. Megan explains the sport of surfing for the MitM crew and talks about acting as a stunt-double in the recent movie Blue Crush. Oh, and she also mentions something about naked surfing in Southern France.
audio Megan speaks with MitM
web Megan's personal site

Posted on Sep. 18, 2002
MitM goes Bowling with Kim Adler
Kim Adler goes bowling with the MitM crew
Kim and the crew
After following the Ebay adventures of PWBA bowler Kim Adler (who, you might recall, auctioned off ad space on her rear end). MitM met up with Kim in Chicago -- and went bowling with her. After meeting Kim in person, the crew decided she has what it takes to "strike" a pose in Playboy magazine.
audio Adler on the possibility of Playboy
Photo Gallery: Check out Kim and the crew bowling in the photo gallery!

Posted on Sep. 12, 2002
Good News! More Sex = Live Longer
Blind her with science
According to a recent study out of England, researchers have found that guys - and gals - who have more sex, live longer. Men's Health editor Gregg Stebben joins the MitM crew to explain the exciting news, and offers T.J. some suggestions on how to blind the opposite sex with science (and corny pickup lines).
audio Gregg gives the crew the good news
web Men's Health magazine

Posted on Sep. 12, 2002
Murray State Mafia Hard at Work
Murray State coach Joe Pannunzio
The other 'Joe Pa'
Murray State suffered a blowout loss to Memphis in their first game of the season. But that's not going to stop the offical adopted team of MitM! To find out how the Racers will rebound in their home opener against Southern Illinois, MitM called up Murray State's coach, Joe Pannunzio, who confirmed all's well within the Murray State Mafia.
audio Coach Pannunzio chats with MitM
web Murray State Athletics

Posted on Sep. 12, 2002
MitM to Firefighters: 'Thankyou!'
Tanyette visits the guys of Engine 35/28 and 22
Tanyette looking
good in fire gear
To commemorate the one-year anniversary of 9-11, MitM is sending a big "thank-you" to firefighters across the country. Getting in the spirit, Tanyette delivered our message in person to two Chicago Firehouses. Firefighter John, stationed at Chicago Engine 35, said all the guys were happy to meet Tanyette.
audio John chats with the crew
Photo Gallery: Tanyette visits firefighters

Posted on Sep. 06, 2002
MitM Celebrates 25th Show!
Receptionist Shirley
Receptionist Shirley
Most radio shows come and go, but MitM has stood the test of time. In honor of their 25th show, the Murray in the Morning crew invited several Sporting News Radio notables to share their thoughts on the program...
audio Receptionist Shirley
audio Program director Matt Nahigian
audio Host Chet Coppock
audio Host James Brown
audio Executive Chuck Duncan
audio Host Bob Berger

Posted on Sep. 05, 2002
Murray, KY is MitM's kind of Town
This is where you'll find Murray, KY
Map to Murray
Following Murray State's devastating 52-6 loss to Memphis in Week 1, MitM wanted to learn more about the home of their adopted team -- the Murray State Racers. To help us to that, John Williams, Executive V.P. of the Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce, joins the crew.
audio John Williams (not the composer)
web Murray, KY Chamber of Commerce

Posted on Sep. 04, 2002
Get Your Hog On
The Hogettes
Not many guys have the guts to wear a dress in public. Even fewer have the guts to wear a dress AND a pig snout. But that's exactly what this week's mystery guest on Guess My Gig does every time the Redskins take the field in D,C. He's Boss Hogette Mikey T, and he's one of the famous Hogettes.
audio Boss Hogette Mikey T joins MitM
web The Hogette's official website

Posted on Sep. 04, 2002
She's Finished Auctioning off her Ass-ets
Kim Adler
Adler in action
PWBA bowler Kim Adler returns to MitM to discuss the success of her unique auction on eBay, where she sold advertising space on the most visible part of her body during the bowling tournament -- her rear end.
audio Listen to Adler (post-auction)
web Kim Adler's official site
Photo Gallery Check out these shots of PWBA star Kim Adler

Posted on Sep. 02, 2002
Baseball's Labor Days continue!
Ozzy Osbourne
Who's F***ing
on first?
In honor of Labor Day, and the fact that Major League Baseball averted it's ninth work stoppage over the weekend... several celebrities joined the MitM crew on Monday to celebrate the grand old game of baseball!
audio Yao Ming's rendition of "Casey at the Bat"
audio Nate Newton and Ted Koppel's rendition of John Fogerty's "Centerfield"
audio The Osbournes' rendition of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First"

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