Posted on Aug. 05, 2005
Nuclear Fuson
Stacy Fuson
Stacy Fuson
St. Pauli Girl does a fantastic job of picking hot women to represent their beer. Stacy Fuson, the St. Pauli Girl for 2005, is a former Playboy Playmate, was seen in American Pie, Shallow Hal, and HBO's hot new show Entourage. Stacy claims she can put down six St. Pauli Girl Special Dark beers. We might have to take her up on that.
audio Sexy Stacy joins the MitM crew
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Posted on Sep. 25, 2002
'Real News. Real People. Real Naked.'
kitt pomidoro
Kitt Pomidoro
That's the slogan of Playboy's brand new Weekend Flash, a program which features lovely broadcasters reading the news in the nude. The MitM crew thinks this is the greatest thing to happen to broadcasting news since Edward R. Murrow crossed the scene. Weekend Flash anchor Kitt Pomidoro joins the crew to explain how she gives listeners all the top stories.
audio Kitt Pomidoro chats with the crew
web Playboy's Weekend Flash
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Posted on Aug. 08, 2002
She's Hot, Plays Football and Naked
Anita Marks
Anita Marks
Anita Marks, better known to readers of Playboy as "The Naked Quarterback," joins the MitM gang to talk about her photoshoot for Playboy (check her out in the September 2002 issue). She also tolerates Bruce, T.J. and Kevin when they suggest that more people would watch women's professional football if all the players were naked.
audio The Naked QB with MitM
web Miami Fury (Women's pro football)

Posted on Nov. 08, 2002
Like Big Brother with a Lot of Sex
Devinn Lane
Devinn Lane
What happens when adult film star Devinn Lane picks seven roommates, lives with them for three months, and has as much sex as possible with each of them? You get Playboy TV's latest production, 7 Lives Xposed, a weekly, reality-based show that provides quality entertainment for all! Devinn joins the MitM crew to talk about her role as the hostess of the show.
Devinn chats with the MitM crew
web Playboy's 7 Lives Xposed


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