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2005 Ménage à 32!

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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Posted on Jun. 18, 2004 by MitM
Wax On... Hair Off...
Dave gets waxed
This won't hurt a bit!
Last year, Dave Gerwing got his nipple pierced on the air. This year, in his never-ending quest to make his girlfriend happy, Production Dave decided to get his chest waxed -- ON THE AIR. His good friend Jen came in and ripped the rug off Dave's chest piece-by-painful-piece. If you think the audio is disturbing, check out the photo gallery!
audio The disturbing & great audio!
Photo Gallery: The disturbing & great photos

Posted on Aug. 01, 2003 by MitM
Production Dave Gets Nipples Pierced
Production Dave gets nipple's pierced
That's gotta hurt
Dave Gerwing, aka. MitM's production guru, is a very good production guy. He's also a good guinea pig. For some reason, he agreed to get his nipples pierced from Bob Jones of Tatu Tattoo... on the air! Check out the photo gallery to enjoy some priceless shots of Dave in physical anguish.
audio Listen to Dave getting pierced
web Tatu Tattoo on the web
Photo Gallery: Photos of Dave in pain

Posted on Aug. 11, 2005
Music Minute: August 11
Chicago band Yakuza is about to sign a major record deal and have recorded their new CD, "Samsara." They are working with famed producer Matt Bayles, who has worked with bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Mastodon. Check out Yakuza's website at ... After almost a year off, Courtney Love was ordered to face charges she violated her probation for being under the influence of a controlled substance (she also has become a major fat ass). ... Christina Aguilera has predicted that Britney Spears will not be able to mount a comeback after having her child because she has "let herself go" ... (she also has become a major fat ass). ... Jessica Simpson is launching a denim line for plus-sized women (see a trend: clothes for fat asses). audio Listen

Posted on Aug. 09, 2005
Music Minute: August 9
Two jurors from the Michael Jackson trial are writing books about how they believed M.J. was guilty, and how they were coerced in to submitting an innocent verdict (I'm sure the money they make off the books will subdue their outrage). ... Tommy Lee is coming out with another solo album titled "Tommyland" (The capitol of Tommyland is his huge member). ... It has been long rumored that an Alice in Chains tribute album is in the works. That rumor is not true (Alice is not happy). ... There was a shooting at a baby shower held for Britney Spears; a reporter was shot with a BB gun (that was the first shower Britney or Kevin Federline have seen in weeks). audio Listen

Posted on Aug. 04, 2005
Music Minute: August 4
Production Dave went to Ozzfest and caught up with Ozzy and Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde. Believe it or not, Dave ends up talking sports with Zakk along with a breakdown of all the great bands on the lineup. ... 50 Cent will make his big screen debut in the movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," following the release of his video game Bulletproof (with 9 bullets in his body, he's hardly bulletproof - just not dead yet). ... In Michael Jackson news: It looks like MJ has agreed to an exclusive interview with the US edition of OK! magazine for a reported $2 million. He is also close to a settlement with ex-wife Debbie Rowe over visitation rights of their two children, 8-year-old Prince Michael and 7-year-old Paris (Michael trying to get together with little children, go figure). ... Paul McCartney calls tabloid newspapers that criticize his wife Heather Mills (In an attempt to get Paul on the air, T.J. calls Heather a legless bitch!). audio Listen

Posted on Aug. 02, 2005
Music Minute: August 2
On the birthday edition of Music News, Production Dave not only turned 33, but he also got a tattoo! The tattoo has nothing to do with Dave's birthday, but he did get it as a result of Lollapalloza, which was held in Chicago last week. Some of the bands that Dave highlighted were The Redwalls, Primus, Widespread Panic, and Perry Farrell's new band, Panic Channel. Speaking of Farrell, Dave ran in to him at Lollapalooza and had him draw something on his body. The next day Dave went to the parlor and had it permanently tattooed on his body. Pictures coming soon! audio Listen

If you want more MitM Archives -- CLICK HERE'

In the above photo, MitM production guru Dave Gerwing is standing next to Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins (Dave is on the right)..

That alone should be reason enough to listen to Dave's Music Minute segment on MitM.

(9/28/04) Gerwing poses for a photo with Elvira... the Mistress of the Dark!!!. Check it out...

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