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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Posted on Sep. 25, 2002
From The Ring to The Mat
Randy Couture
Randy Couture
After a tough day of ultimate fighting, what does two-time light heavyweight champion Randy Couture like to do? That's what MitM attempts to figure out in the latest edition of Guess My Gig. Meanwhile, Randy gives the crew a better idea of what the UFC is all about. Unlike the early days of the sport, there are many rules to help protect its fighters.
audio The crew tries to guess Randy's other gig
web Ultimate Fighting Championships

Posted on Sep. 19, 2002
We'd like to Catch a Wave with Megan
Megan Abubo
Surfer Megan Abubo
Professional surfer Megan Abubo joins Murray in the Morning to play Guess My Gig. Megan explains the sport of surfing for the MitM crew and talks about acting as a stunt-double in the recent movie Blue Crush. Oh, and she also mentions something about naked surfing in Southern France.
audio Megan speaks with MitM
web Megan's personal site

Posted on Sep. 04, 2002
Get Your Hog On
The Hogettes
Not many guys have the guts to wear a dress in public. Even fewer have the guts to wear a dress AND a pig snout. But that's exactly what this week's mystery guest on Guess My Gig does every time the Redskins take the field in D,C. He's Boss Hogette Mikey T, and he's one of the famous Hogettes.
audio Boss Hogette Mikey T joins MitM
web The Hogette's official website

Posted on Aug. 29, 2002
Show Me Your Pom-Poms
Eagles cheerleader Janet
Flying high with Janet
Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders Janet and Jill (Janet is pictured to the left) join Murray in the Morning to play another edition of Guess My Gig. They also discuss the glamorous life of an NFL cheerleader and what it's like to be so damn hot!
audio Janet and Jill play Guess My Gig
web Philadelphia Eagles official site

Posted on Aug. 22, 2002
Set Design for the Dead
Dead feet
Two feet under?
Murray in the Morning plays another round of Guess My Gig with Debora Kellom. Kellom is an embalmer and the director of operations at a funeral home that specializes in designing creative sets for funerals and visitations. Are MitM's chances of guessing this gig DOA?
audio Debora Kellom plays Guess My Gig

Posted on Aug. 16, 2002
Elvis has Entered the Building
Graham Patrick
Uh-Huh Yeah
Time for a little less conversation, and a little more action on this week's edition of Guess My Gig. The Murray in the Morning hosts attempt to identify the gig of mystery guest Graham Patrick. Will they figure out Mr. Patrick is an Elvis impersonator, or will the MitM crew be left lonesome tonight and all shook up?
audio Graham Patrick plays Guess My Gig

Posted on Aug. 08, 2002
Guess this Gig Starter
Ivor Robson
Ivor Robson
British Open announcer and Official Starter of the Open Championship since 1975 Ivor Robson joins Murray in the Morning for a round of Guess My Gig. The MitM crew determines the mystery guest is not an American. works outdoors, works with people, works odd hours and doesn't really wear a uniform... but that's about it.
audio Ivor Robson plays Guess My Gig

Posted on Nov. 19, 2002
Don’t Mess With ‘The Blade’
Blake Lirette
Blake Lirette
This week’s mystery guest on Guess My Gig is probably somebody you don’t want to get into a fight with -- pro kick-boxer Blake “The Blade” Lirette. Lirette chats with the crew about how he got his nickname, how he’s managed to avoid serious injury during his career, and what it was like working with another thespian who kicks butt... Jessica Alba.
"The Blade" joins MitM
web Blake "The Blade" Lirette's website

Posted on Nov. 14, 2002
Lies! Damn Lies! And Statistics!
Crunch the numbers
Statistical analyst Bud Goode can crunch numbers like nobody’s business! In fact, over 20 NFL teams hired Bud to give them an edge. Bud must do a good job because half of those teams went to the Super Bowl while he was on the payroll. Now, he joins MitM to play Guess My Gig and talk about his unique line of work. Is it really the downfall of western Civ?
Bud is "Goode" at what he does

Posted on Nov. 07, 2002
That Buckeye is Hot!
Brutus the Buckeye
Et tu, Brutus?
Ohio State cheerleader Emily Moor, better known to college football fans as Brutus the Buckeye, joins the MitM crew to play Guess My Gig. Immediately, the crew falls in love with her sexy voice. Later, Emily rejoins the crew to describe her trip to Arizona for the OSU-Miami National Championship game -- including details about the postgame partying.
Emily plays Guess My Gig
audio Emily recounts her trip to the Fiesta Bowl

If you want more MitM Archives -- CLICK HERE'

Every now and then, producer Rob Wuczynski attempts to stump the crew with a mystery guest.

Bruce and company are only permitted to ask twenty questions to identify the guest. The questions must be "yes" or "no" questions.

(Sure, it sounds nice... but in reality, a trained circus monkey could do just as well as the crew)

(2/20/04) Jim Zielinski, the course designer Golden Tee, joins the crew to play Guess My Gig. Full Gallery

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