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2005 Ménage à 32!

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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Welcome to the MitM Crime Contest!

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There are about 300 million people in the United States.... Thousands are athletes... and many of them will commit crimes. Murray in the Morning is here to help you track some of their injustices!

So... How is this contest scored?
Well... nobody really knows, but here's the basic premise... Contestants (Bruce, T.J., Elizabeth and Rob) will earn points if any members of their "team" commit any crimes. The contestant with the most points at the end of the contest WINS! Different crimes are worth different points. Exact values aren't really important, but you can assume that more heinous crimes are worth more points. For example, assault/battery is worse than drug possession, grand larceny is worse than petty larceny... etc. etc. Also, contestants will earn points for both the arrest and the conviction of their team members. If a "good guy" commits a crime... JACKPOT!!!

Teams? What teams? What are you talking about?
Glad you asked! In early January, the MitM crew held the 2005 Crime Contest draft. The audio of this draft wasn't very stimulating, so we have posted the results of the draft below. Feel free to print out this page and help MitM track the progress of their team members in 2005...

NBA team Atlanta Hawks New Orleans Hornets Portland Trailblazers LA Lakers
Football team Miami Hurricanes NY Giants Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings
MLB team Colorado Rockies Tampa Bay Devil Rays NY Yankees Texas Rangers
NBA player Zach Randolph Damon Stoudamire Latrell Sprewell Allen Iverson
NFL player Sebastian Janikowski David Terrell Ricky Williams Jamal Lewis
MLB player Darryl Strawberry Pedro Martinez Rafael Furcal Milton Bradley
Actor Courtney Love Adrian Zmed Robert Downey Jr. Colin Farrell
Musician Ludacris Ron Artest Scott Weiland Tommy Lee
Wild Card Jesse Jackson Prez. George W. Bush McCaulley Culkin Mike Tyson
Good Guy Dwayne Wade Barack Obama Leonardo DiCaprio Julie Andrews
SCORE 0 0 175 0

Scoring Summary

  • January 2005 -- Contest starts
  • January 15, 2005 -- Barrett Robbins (former Raiders center) shot in struggle with three cops
    (150 points for Elizabeth... that's 50 points for each cop)
  • March 13, 2005 -- Dwight Gooden (former Yankees pitcher) accused of punching ex-wife
    (25 points for Elizabeth)

    Stay Tuned for updates...

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