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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Bruce Murray || T.J. Shanoff || Elizabeth Hess || Producer Rob || Crew

All About Bruce Murray...

Bruce Murray is one of the best sports broadcasters in the business. So, why is he hosting Murray in the Morning on Sporting News Radio?

Because he can!

Bruce was a part of the launch of WFAN in New York, the nation's first all-sports radio station. Prior to coming to Sporting News Radio, Murray also worked at ESPN Radio and Washington D.C.'s all-sports radio station, WTEM. He was the pre-game and post-game announcer for the Washington Bullets and co-hosted the morning drive with Bob Berger (whom he later teamed up with again on Sports Saturday and Sports Sunday on Sporting News Radio.)

Bruce's broadcast career began at his alma mater, Tulane, where he was the voice of the Green Wave's basketball and football teams from 1983-1985.

In addition to his MitM duties, you can also hear Bruce as he co-host of The Troy Aikman Football Show on Sporting News Radio, which airs throughout the NFL regular and post-season.

What Bruce's Co-Workers Are Saying...

"I hate Bruce Murray"
-- Matt Nahigian, Sporting News Radio Program Director

"Bruce Murray, is without question, the worst floor hockey player I know.
Fortunately for our team, he has decided to retire."
-- Justin Hesse, producer of the James Brown Show on SNR

"Bruce! Stop hitting on my wife or you're fired!"
-- Ryan Williams, Sporting News Radio Program Director

"My mother once told me that if I didn't have anything good to say, I shouldn't say anything at all."
-- Dominic Zucchero, producer of the Tim Brando Show on SNR

Man's Best Friend: Sam the Dog

Bruce Murray's most loyal sidekick is not T.J. Shanoff... it's Sam the Dog!

Sam has created a cottage industry for himself on Murray in the Morning by predicting NFL games against the spread in MitM's "Play it Against Sam" contest, as well as the SNR office pool.

Sam is so good at predicting games, he actually won a week in the SNR office pool! -- against 40-plus humans!. Click here for photos!

If you want more MitM Archives -- CLICK HERE'
Bruce Murray

Bruce Murray is Murray in the Morning. That's why we named the show after him. If you're looking for a better explanaion, just tune in to MitM to experience the man, the myth and the legend known as Bruce Murray.

Photo Galleries...
(3/26/04) Bruce celebrates his birthday with the MitM crew
(1/31/04) Bruce broadcasts from Houston for Super Bowl XXXVIII

(1988) Can you find the young Bruce Murray in a Bachelor Party Paintball photo from 1988? Here's the photo...

(5/03) When Bruce needs a wart removed from his right foot, there is little choice but to undergo "major" surgery. Full Gallery...

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