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2005 Ménage à 32!
2004 Ménage à 32!

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Elizabeth's Statement RE: John Rocker

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On Friday, May 13th, my co-hosts were united in their viewpoints - which is about as common as Shaquille O'Neal making two free throws in a row. What started out as a fun on-air moment gave me a headache, TJ a stroke, and Bruce the chance to question HIS sanity for choosing ME over 20 other women for this job. I am a girl. I remind you of that fact often, because while I can eloquently explain what an onside kick is better than most men, I am still very sensitive.

A week ago, I said that people like John Rocker make sports interesting. Flash forward one week, and I have been labeled a racist. What I meant by that statement, is that guys who speak their mind make sports interesting. We have a lot of military men who listen to our show. They defend our rights, including the freedom of speech. John Rocker can be a racist, ignorant, hateful a-hole, but he has the right to do it, because he's an American. While I don't agree with ANYTHING he says, I embrace his freedom to speak his mind. He is a southerner; making the statements he has, should we perpetuate a stereotype and chock it up to him being a "dumb, white-trash southerner"???

Dennis Rodman didn't know when to shut his rebound-grabbing, hair-dying, Madonna screwing mouth. Terrell Owens pissed off a lot of people with the Sharpie incident, and now he has dissed Donovan McNabb and wants to renegotiate his contract. After last Friday's show, I know how he feels. Finally, Randy Moss mooned an entire Packers crowd, ran over a crossing guard, and walked off the field during a Redskins game. If Oakland has a winning season, his sins will be forgotten and he will be revered.

While the two of you will never agree that Reggie Miller is the greatest clutch player in NBA history, and you CAN be considered great without winning a championship, please agree on this: I never say anything to intentionally hurt people. I want our listeners to go back to picturing me naked and the two of you making fun of me for liking the Cubs, Twins, Orioles, Bears, Vikings, Bulls and Kings. And BECAUSE I'm a girl, I will give in and say what you both so desperately need to hear. Rob, get ready to dump this, but John Rocker is a complete prick. Let's get back to the show!

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